What Scale Is HO?

As there are a lot of different scales to choose from, do you know what scale is HO? Model train scales are ratios or percentages that are used to measure train models. In today’s post, I will tell you what scale is HO trains. The most popular model train scales in North America are N, O, HO, and G. All these letters stand in for very specific ratios that help modelers to understand what fraction they are using to scale. Here, you will get to know the HO scale ratio including other scale ratios. You can keep reading further to learn more about what scale is HO in detail.

What Scale Is HO?

Basically, HO is a 1:87 rail transport modeling scale and is the most popular scale of model railway in the world! Here, the rails are spaced 15.6 mm apart for modeling 1435 mm standard gauge tracks and trains. The name “HO” is derived from the 1:87 scale being half that of the 0 scale. It was originally the smallest of the series of older and larger 0,1,2, and 3 gauges introduced by Marklin. Instead of calling the scale “half-zero” or “H-zero”, English speakers denoted it with the letters HO.

In some languages, HO scale trains are written with the letter H and the number 0 (zero). Now, you must be wondering what is HO scale in inches. The HO scale size in inches is 0.1378 inches and 3.5 mm to 1 foot.

You can keep reading further to learn more about what scale is HO scale.

Surprisingly, the HO scale train set is the most popular model railroad scale in continental Europe and North America. In continental Europe, the HO scale is defined in the NEM standard as exactly 1:87. While in North America, the NMRA standard defines the HO scale as 3.5 mm to 1 foot; 1:87.0857142 ratio. Later, this ratio was rounded to 1:87.1. Therefore, this definition of the HO scale varies a bit from country to country and manufacturer.

HO Slot Cars

Do you know what scale is HO slot cars? Well, the term slot car means a powered miniature vehicle that is guided by a slot in the track on which it runs. In slot car racing, HO is a general size of track on which the cars range from 1:87 to 1:64 scale. However, slot cars are mostly used to model highway traffic on scenic layouts. 

Model Train Scales: Largest To Smallest

I hope now you’ve understood what scale is HO. Apart from the HO scale, there are a lot of different scales to choose from.

  • N Scale

After the HO scale, the N scale is the most popular in North America as this scale is roughly half the size of HO at a 1:160 ratio. However, this scale is used to build more complicated layouts in smaller spaces than HO scale layouts.

You can keep on reading further to know what scale is O gauge.

  • Scale

Another popular train scale is the O scale which is at a 1:48 ratio. It was one of the original model train scales that was used by historic manufacturers. They used this scale to produce large volumes of toy trains.

  • G Scale

The G-scale trains were introduced by Lehmann Grosse Bahn and are often used in outdoor garden railways. It can refer to any ratio of the model railroad larger than the O scale. However, the G scale model trains range from 1:20.3 to 1:32.

  • S Scale

This type of scale refers to those trains and displays that are smaller than the O scale at a 1:64 ratio. The S-scale is popularized by American Flyer Trains made by A.C. Gilbert Co. These trains became widely popular as they ran on more realistic looking two rail tracks.

  • Z Scale

The Z-scale train set is the smallest practical model railroading scale developed in Germany. Toy manufacturer Marklin assigned the last letter of the alphabet as it was assumed no smaller trains could be made. Later on, as the manufacturing processes improved, the tiny mechanisms became more reliable.

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What Is N Scale And Ho Scale?

N scale is roughly half the size of HO scale at 1:160 ratio. Modelers tend to use N scale to build more complicated layouts in smaller spaces than HO scale layouts. Or they can use large spaces, such as garages or basements, to create scenic N scale empires using the size to create a life-like, but small scene.

What Train Scale Is 1:64?

S Scale

S Scale. S Scale model trains, commonly referred to as American Flyer, are 1:64 and run on a . 883 inch gauge.

What Is The Difference Between HO And S Scale?

By now you know that S is 36 percent larger than HO, is 3/16″ to the foot, and is 1:64 in proportion to the real thing. In round numbers, S is about halfway between HO and O scales. We consider S scale to be the optimum size – with the advantages of both HO and O, but without their disadvantages.

What Is The N Scale Equivalent To?

N scale is considered generally compatible with 1:144 scale for miniature wargaming.


In the above post, I’ve explained what is HO scale size in detail. The popularity of model railroading in America is very large. Thousands of large and small manufacturers have contributed hundreds of different trains and accessories. However, model train scales come in a variety of commercial sizes. HO is the most popular model train scale used in the US whose ratio is 1:87.1. Many modelers start with equipment in this model train scale to get a satisfying display or layout. Once you know what scale is HO, you can enjoy the hobby of model railroading!

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