What Is A Wall Furnace?

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In the realm of home heating solutions, wall furnaces stand as a versatile and space-saving option, offering efficient warmth and comfort without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. Let’s explore the ins and outs of these compact heating units and their significance in modern households.

What Is A Wall Furnace?

A wall furnace, also known as a wall-mounted heater, is a heating appliance designed to be installed directly on a wall. These units provide localized heating for specific areas or rooms, making them an ideal solution for supplementing existing heating systems or for spaces where centralized heating might be impractical.

Key Components And Operation

  1. Heat Exchanger: Wall furnaces typically contain a heat exchanger, which heats the air that passes through it using either gas or electricity as the energy source.
  2. Fan or Blower: Some models are equipped with a fan or blower that circulates the heated air throughout the room, ensuring even distribution of warmth.
  3. Thermostat Controls: Many wall furnaces come with built-in thermostat controls, allowing users to set desired temperatures for optimal comfort.
  4. Venting System: Proper venting is essential for wall furnaces that utilize gas as a fuel source to ensure safe exhaust of combustion byproducts.

Benefits Of Wall Furnaces

  1. Space-Saving Design: Wall-mounted heaters are compact and do not occupy valuable floor space, making them suitable for smaller rooms or areas with limited square footage.
  2. Zone Heating: They provide localized heating, allowing homeowners to control temperatures in specific rooms or areas independently, potentially reducing overall heating costs by not heating unoccupied spaces.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Wall furnaces offer efficient heating for targeted spaces, minimizing energy wastage by focusing on heating only the areas in use.
  4. Quick Installation: Their wall-mounted design facilitates relatively easy installation compared to more extensive HVAC systems, making them a convenient option for homeowners.

Considerations And Maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspection of wall furnaces are crucial for optimal performance and safety. Periodic cleaning of filters, inspection of vents, and professional servicing help ensure efficient operation and prevent potential hazards.


Wall furnaces epitomize the marriage of efficiency and convenience in home heating solutions. Their compact design, efficient operation, and ability to provide targeted warmth make them a practical choice for homeowners seeking localized heating options that blend functionality with space-saving aesthetics.

From enhancing comfort in specific areas to offering a supplemental heating source, wall furnaces stand as a testament to the versatility and utility of modern heating appliances, providing warmth and coziness to homes in a streamlined and efficient manner.


What Is The Difference Between A Wall Furnace And A Furnace?


VENTING: Duct work is required to run a forced air system, where as wall furnaces vent directly from the unit. SET UP: A professional team is required to install a new furnace, and possibly run duct work.

Can A Wall Furnace Heat A House?

Wall furnaces are most helpful in heating small rooms or tiny apartments. They do not have the heat output to heat more than a single enclosed area, so that they won’t work well with larger houses.

Can You Leave Wall Furnace On All Night?

Never: Never leave a gas heater running when you go to bed.

What Is The Difference Between A Furnace And A Floor Furnace?

A simply description is that a floor furnace is a furnace that’s level with the ground floor of a home. They’re located in a small room and often don’t even use blower fans, instead letting convection currents carry the heat up through the ventilation system.

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