What Is A Comp Card?

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In the dynamic and competitive world of modeling, professionals and aspiring models need to stand out and make a lasting impression. One vital tool in the model’s arsenal is the comp card, a compact, informative, and visually appealing marketing tool that helps showcase their versatility, professionalism, and potential to potential clients. In this blog, we’ll explore what a comp card is, its purpose, and how it plays a crucial role in a model’s career.

What Is A Comp Card?

A comp card, short for “composite card” or “zed card,” is a multi-purpose marketing tool that serves as a model’s business card and portfolio in a single document. It typically consists of a single 8.5 x 5.5-inch (or similar) card that features a collection of images and essential information about the model. Comp cards can be printed or digital, and they are distributed to clients, agencies, photographers, and casting directors during networking and casting opportunities.

Components Of A Comp Card

A well-designed comp card contains the following key components:

  1. Images: The most prominent feature of a comp card is a selection of high-quality, professionally shot photographs that showcase the model’s versatility. These images typically include headshots, full-body shots, and various poses, demonstrating the model’s range and ability to adapt to different styles.
  2. Model’s Name: The model’s full name is prominently displayed, making it easy for clients to identify the model.
  3. Contact Information: The comp card should include essential contact details, such as the model’s agency representation, phone number, email address, and website or social media links.
  4. Height, Weight, and Measurements: Vital statistics like height, weight, and body measurements are often included to provide potential clients with an overview of the model’s physique.
  5. Hair and Eye Color: Information about the model’s hair and eye color is useful for casting decisions.
  6. Model’s Portfolio: A comp card may feature a QR code or link to the model’s online portfolio, allowing clients to explore the model’s work in more detail.

Purpose Of A Comp Card

Comp cards serve several important purposes in the modeling industry:

  1. First Impression: Comp cards act as the model’s first impression on potential clients and casting directors. They provide a visual overview of the model’s look and versatility.
  2. Marketing Tool: They serve as a promotional tool that models can use to secure auditions, bookings, and agency representation. Comp cards help clients remember and recognize the model.
  3. Efficient Reference: Comp cards offer a quick and efficient way for casting professionals to compare and assess multiple models in a single glance.
  4. Networking: Models use comp cards to network, distribute their contact information, and stay in the minds of industry insiders.
  5. Professionalism: A well-crafted comp card conveys professionalism, commitment, and preparedness, which can be a deciding factor in landing opportunities.


In the competitive world of modeling, a compelling and well-designed comp card is an essential tool for both established and aspiring models. It simplifies the process of marketing and presenting oneself to clients and casting directors, making a strong first impression that can lead to exciting opportunities. With the right images, information, and a touch of creativity, a comp card can become a model’s passport to success in the industry, showcasing their unique talent, style, and potential..


What Is A Comp Card Used For?

A comp card (composite card) is the model’s business card. It contains basic information like your name, measurements, photos, and contact information. It is to help casting agents or clients remember who you are and know who to contact should you get the job.

How Do I Get A Comp Card?

How to make a model comp card

  • Choose your photos. Use professional photos that showcase your look and demonstrate your versatility. …
  • Design the comp card. If you choose to make your comp cards yourself, you can use online design tools like Printique, Canva, Zazzle, or Sedcard24. …
  • Print the cards. …
  • Post your comp card online.

What Should A Comp Card Include?

They’re supposed to contain five photos of you, along with personal information such as your name, dress size, shoe size, personal measurements, eye color, and hair color.

What Is A Agency Comp Card?

A composite card (or a comp card) is a model’s version of a business card. They are one of the best ways for a model to be remembered by an agency and are crucial if you are going to a job casting.

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