What Is A Brad Folder?

While exploring a nearby stationary shop, have you ever wondered what is a Brad folder looking at the folder section? Earlier, people use to keep loose papers disorganized after finishing their work. Because of this habit, important documents were either get misplaced or damaged. In today’s post, I will explain what is a Brad folder. A folder helps you keep or organize your work and study in one place. You’ll find endless varieties of folders in a stationary store with different color options. Here, we’ll focus on the folder with Brads and pockets. You can keep on reading to know what is a Brad folder.

What Is A Brad Folder?

A Brad folder is a popular type of folder that is often used to keep loose papers secure in one place. This folder has three brands to securely hold papers in place and two pockets on adjacent sides. But what is a pocket and Brad folder? In these two pockets, you can store any items without holes. You will find ample space to store your paperwork in a brad folder.

Now, you must be wondering what is a Brad on a folder. A Brad on a folder is usually used to secure loose papers. Most people like to use Brad folders to keep their homework, art projects, or daily journal entries. You can easily find this type of folder in stationery shops at great low prices.

Keep on reading further to learn more about what is a Brad folder.

Do you know what is a Brad poly folder? As poly material is extremely lightweight, it is widely used in plastic folders. Plastic folders with Brads are designed to keep your documents in place using prong fasteners. Well, this folder is suitable for three-ring binders and includes a secure pocket for keeping index cards or other small items.

A Brad folder is also known as a folder with prongs or a folder with fasteners. Mostly Brad folders are available with three prongs. Some folders have prongs located along the spine of the folder. While some folders have two prongs at the top of the folder. However, three-pronged Brad folders are most common for schoolwork. On the other side, two-pronged Brad folders are good for medical and legal paperwork.

You can keep on reading further to learn more about what is a folder Brad and how to use it.

Step-By-Step Guide To Use A Brad Folder

I hope now you’ve understood what is a Brad folder. Using and organizing papers in this type of folder is very easy. First, let’s learn how to use a three-pronged Brad folder.

  • Three-Pronged Brad Folder

Follow these steps if you want to use a three-pronged Brad folder.

  1. First, you’ve to open your Brad folder.
  2. Then, bend the prongs outwards.
  3. Make sure all three prongs are straight and the sides of the prongs are together.
  4. Now, place your three-hole punched papers on the prongs.
  5. Keep these papers between the extra strip and the prongs.
  6. Check if the top prong goes through the top hole.
  7. Then, the second prong goes through the middle hole.
  8. Next, the bottom prong goes through the bottom hole.
  9. Gently push the prongs through the holes of the extra strip.
  10. This will hold your papers in the folder.
  11. Lastly, pull the prongs apart so that it lies flat against the strip.

Check if there is an extra strip with holes across from the prongs and make sure the prongs are released from it. If there is no strip in your folder, keep the sides of the prongs flat against the papers you have inserted.

  • Two-Pronged Brad Folder

Follow these steps if you want to use a two-pronged Brad folder.

  1. Open and place your folder on a flat folder.
  2. Now, pull the prongs out facing straight up.
  3. Then, insert your two-hole punched papers through each prong.
  4. Finally, flatten and spread each prong to hold the papers in place.

Make sure the left hole goes through the left prong and the right hole goes through the right prong.

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What Is A Pong Folder?

Prongs secure hole-punched papers inside the folder and the pockets keep them neatly tucked away.

What Is The Purpose Of Brads?

Brads are commonly used to attach shoe moldings and small ornamental parts on furniture. Brads are also useful when gluing delicate wooden parts together. It’s often helpful to apply glue to a joint and then drive a few brad nails into your project to hold everything while the glue dries.

What Are Brads Used For?

Common brad nail uses include decorative trim, picture frame and paneling. They work well on thin or narrow pieces of wood. Brads are excellent for trim work, including narrow trim around windows or doors, shoe moulding and quarter-round moulding. Finish nails are versatile nails with a 15- or 16-gauge diameter.

Why Do Folders Have A Hole In Them?

Fastener folders require pages to be hole punched at the top (or bottom) in order to thread the prongs through and hold pages in place.


In the above post, I’ve thoroughly explained what is a Brad folder. Wait, don’t get confused between a folder in the computer and a Brad folder. Brad folders are widely used for managing and classifying academic papers, profiles, working documents, contract files, and more. Most Brad folders can easily fit letter-sized papers while some Brad folders will only fit legal-sized papers. With the prongs, you can secure your hole-punched papers inside the folder. The pockets in the folder help to keep your papers neatly tucked away. Once you know what is a Brad folder, you can easily keep important papers well organized!

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