What Is 62 Linear Inches?

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What Is 62 Linear Inches?

Linear inches, though a common measurement, can sometimes be confusing to those not accustomed to the term. It’s used in various aspects of daily life, from airline baggage policies to shipping and storage. In this blog, we will explore what linear inches are, why they matter, and how to measure and apply this concept to real-world scenarios.

What Are Linear Inches?

Linear inches, often denoted as “LI” or “in.”, are a unit of measurement that quantifies length in one dimension. It is the sum of the length, width, and height of an object, providing a comprehensive measurement of its size in linear terms. Linear inches are typically used for items that have varying dimensions but are meant to fit within certain size restrictions.

Calculating Linear Inches

To calculate the linear inches of an object, add the measurements of its length, width, and height. For example, if you have a suitcase with dimensions of 22 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 9 inches in height, the linear inches can be calculated as follows:

Linear Inches = Length + Width + Height

Linear Inches = 22 + 14 + 9

Linear Inches = 45 inches

So, the suitcase measures 45 linear inches.

Significance Of Linear Inches

  1. Airline Baggage Policies: Many airlines have restrictions on the size of carry-on and checked baggage, often using linear inches to define these restrictions. Travelers need to ensure their luggage falls within the specified linear inch limits to avoid additional fees or complications during check-in.
  2. Shipping and Packaging: Shipping carriers may also use linear inches to determine the size and cost of a package. It’s essential for both senders and recipients to understand these measurements to assess shipping rates accurately.
  3. Storage and Space Management: In storage facilities, understanding linear inches helps in organizing and utilizing space efficiently. This is particularly important in situations where items with varying dimensions need to be stored together.
  4. Moving and Transportation: When moving or transporting items, it’s crucial to consider linear inches to ensure everything fits in the available space, whether it’s a moving truck, storage container, or a specific compartment.
  5. Retail and Product Packaging: Retailers often use linear inches to measure and label products, especially those that vary in size and shape. This helps customers determine whether the product will fit in their intended space.
  6. Construction and Building: In the construction industry, linear inches are used for various purposes, such as measuring materials, designing spaces, and ensuring that objects fit within specific constraints.


Understanding linear inches is a valuable skill for navigating various aspects of modern life, from travel and shipping to storage and space management. It simplifies the process of measuring objects with varying dimensions and helps individuals comply with size restrictions and requirements set by airlines, shipping carriers, and other organizations. Whether you’re preparing for a trip, sending a package, or organizing your storage space, knowing how to calculate and apply linear inches will make the task smoother and more efficient.


What Size Suitcase Is 62 Linear Inches?

For example, if your bag is 24 inches tall, 20 inches long and 18 inches wide, its total linear length is 62 inches. Note that using modern spinner bags, which include four wheels on the bottom of your suitcase, means you’ll have less space within your actual bag.

How Do You Measure 62 Inch Luggage?

The calculation is easy; just add the total of the length plus the width plus the height of the case to calculate its size in linear inches. You must include wheels and handles in your measurements. If you want to convert to centimeters, multiply the number in inches by 2.54.

What Is 62 Linear Measurement?

Linear Inches = length + width + height

If your suitcase has a height of 22 inches and a width of 14 or more it will meet the airline’s requirements for checked bags (62 linear inches). You might want to take this into consideration when packing because you’ll need room in case they give you an unexpected upgrade!

Is A Golf Travel Bag Over 62 Inches?

” If the item of sporting equipment exceeds 50 pounds in weight or 62 inches in size (outside length plus height plus width), excess weight and size charges may apply.” There’s not a commercially available golf travel bag that is within that dimension restriction unless you are taking a set of kids clubs.

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